Java2Html - Eclipse Plugin



Version 1.5.0, January 5th, 2006:

download 325kB

(previous version: Java2Html Eclipse plugin V1.4.2)

Download package includes binaries and source code.

System Requirements

Eclipse IDE installed (tested with 3.0 and greater).


  • Download and unpack the ZIP-file to the eclipse directory (for example "c:\java\eclipse\").
  • Restart Eclipse


Convert files:
Select items in the Package Explorer, Navigator or other views and right click to open the context menu. There is a Java2Html menu item that opens the conversion dialog.
Convert text from a text editor:
Right click on an editor and choose the Java2Html context menu item to convert the current selected text.
Adjust preferences:
Colors, tab size, etc. for conversion can be adjusted on the preference pages (Menu "Window" - "Preferences" - "Java" - "Java2Html").


  • If the installation did not seem to work, look into the Eclipse installation folder and make sure that there is a folder ECLIPSE/plugins/de.java2html_${version}/ containing the plugin binaries. If there is none, reinstall the plugin following the instructions above.
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