Java2Html - Old Versions

This page contains old versions, extensions and plugins that are no longer supported. However I decided to leave the files online.

Old Releases

Old Extensions

Kawa IDE Plugin

A plugin for the Java IDE Kawa can be downloaded here (Please choose the correct file depending on the version of Kawa you have):

System requirements:
Kawa IDE installed.
  • Download the file KawaJavaToHTML.class to a directory (for example "c:\kawa\plugin\").
  • Start Kawa and go to the menu: Customize, Commands.
  • Add an new entry, Command Type: "Plugin Command" and set KawaJavaToHTML as "Main Class" and choose an appropriate name for the command.
  • That's all. JavaToHTML can now be started by clicking the command in the Plugin menu.

JDeveloper IDE Plugin and command line extension

Thanks to Senthilkumar Thiyagarajan there is an additional package of classes available:

By installing you can use java2html from the command line without any gui or as addon in JDeveloper.

For installation and usage read the documentation contained within the download package.

Note: This library requires the old Java2Html version 1.2

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