Class TypedSource

  extended by de.java2html.javasource.TypedSource

public class TypedSource
extends java.lang.Object

This class represents java source code in a parsed, but still flat style. It contains the raw text along with an array of source type entries (SourceType) for each character. JavaSource objects are created using the JavaSourceParser. A JavaSource object can be pretty-printed to HTML by using the JavaSource2HTMLConverter. For questions, suggestions, bug-reports, enhancement-requests etc. I may be contacted at: The Java2html home page is located at:

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Constructor Summary
TypedSource(java.lang.String source, SourceType[] sourceTypes, JavaSourceStatistic statistics)
Method Summary
 SourceType[] getClassification()
 java.lang.String getCode()
 java.lang.String getFileName()
 TypedSourceIterator getIterator()
 int getLineCount()
 int getMaxLineLength()
 JavaSourceStatistic getStatistic()
 java.lang.String getStatisticsString()
          Deprecated. As of 26.02.2006 (Markus Gebhard), replaced by getStatistic()
 void print()
          Debug output of the code
 void setFileName(java.lang.String fileName)
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public TypedSource(java.lang.String source,
                   SourceType[] sourceTypes,
                   JavaSourceStatistic statistics)
Method Detail


public SourceType[] getClassification()


public java.lang.String getCode()


public void print()
Debug output of the code


public java.lang.String getStatisticsString()
Deprecated. As of 26.02.2006 (Markus Gebhard), replaced by getStatistic()

Returns statistical information as String


public java.lang.String getFileName()


public void setFileName(java.lang.String fileName)


public int getLineCount()


public int getMaxLineLength()


public JavaSourceStatistic getStatistic()


public TypedSourceIterator getIterator()

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